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Currently, my big project is Razor Mountain, a novel that I’m posting serially, with updates twice per month. I’ve been documenting the entire process of writing this book, from ideas and outlining, to the cover design and back-cover blurb, to the chapters themselves. You can check it all out on my Razor Mountain landing page.

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3 Things I Learned From Startide Rising

I recently read the 1983 science-fiction novel, Startide Rising, with my kids. It’s the second book in David Brin’s first “uplift trilogy,” a series of loosely-related books that take place in a shared universe. I haven’t read these books since I was a teenager, and I didn’t remember too much…

Razor Mountain Development Journal — Chapter 23

This is part of an ongoing series where I’m documenting the development of my serial novel, Razor Mountain. You can find my spoiler-free journals for each chapter, my spoiler-heavy pre-production journals, and the book itself over at the Razor Mountain landing page. A Pyrrhic Victory Christopher is out of the…


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