Razor Mountain

Strange technology. A hidden, militarized city. The secret of immortality. Welcome to Razor Mountain.

Christopher Lamarck is no hero. Despite his love of action movies, he knows he wouldn’t survive the opening credits. But when Christopher’s puddle-jumper crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, he finds himself in the shocking predicament of actually surviving.

It soon becomes apparent, however, that nobody is coming to rescue him. The empty wilderness isn’t so empty, and the locals shoot strangers on sight. If he wants to make it back home, he might have to start emulating his movie heroes.

The inescapable gravity of Razor Mountain pulls Christopher toward the shattered peak, and he finds himself intwined in intrigues that span millennia. With his life in constant danger, he learns that death isn’t the worst fate that could await him under the mountain.

A tale of life and death, obsession and control, and a conspiracy as old as human civilization, Razor Mountain is a thrilling sci-fi mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.

Razor Mountain is a serialized novel, updated twice monthly.

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Razor Mountain is published almost simultaneously on this blog, on Wattpad, and on Tapas. The blog always gets updated first.

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Behind the Scenes

Each time I post a new chapter of the book, I write a development journal where I talk about the process of writing that chapter.

These should be relatively spoiler-free as long as you’ve read up to the latest chapter.


Razor Mountain started with weekly pre-production development journals, where I went through the entire process of preparing to write the book: brainstorming, outlining, research, making a book cover, a book description, an author profile, and more. You can read all the behind-the-scenes lead-up in these development journals.

Be warned, there are loads of spoilers here.

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