Drabbles are short stories of exactly 100 words. There are some examples by well-known authors (and a bit of history) at meades.org.

If you’re interested in the form, I’d encourage you to check out the Martian Magazine, or the now-shuttered Speck Lit.

These are some of my favorite (freely accessible) drabble stories:

You can find some of my own drabbles below.


It sounds fun to rent a house haunted by a sexy ghost. I guess it was, at first. The dreams were amazing, until she got stabby.

It took a while for her to stop shrieking and talk, but she eventually told me about the adultery, the murder-suicide, and the whole “vengeance against all men” thing. She says she’ll be free if I burn the bones buried in the cellar. Free to leave, and kill as she pleases.

It wouldn’t be right to unleash a murder-ghost on the world. But if she keeps breaking things, I’ll never get my deposit back.

“No More Kings”

Seto enters the capitol, leading a peasant army. On his left: Kagawa, Lord of Thieves. On his right: Taka, Iron-Fisted Monk. Like a storm, they sweep through the palace. Stone-faced, Seto beheads the evil king.

“Let us crown you in the courtyard,” Taka says.

Seto refuses. “I have done what I set out to do.”

“Who will be king?” Taka asks. “Surely not the Lord of Thieves?”

“I would make a fine king,” Kagawa says, sword drawn.

As lieutenents’ blades clash, Seto shatters the crown. He rides from the burning city. His cottage in the mountains awaits him.

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